Fantastic Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2013

Thomas511551 was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). He is level 79 (Fantastic Movie Star). He has not been active since 2017.

Thomas511551 tends to makes short movies, but he does make some long ones sometimes. He started gaining fame by watching people's movies and starring in them, and his pets in his rook. Now, he gets thousands of views and loves on his work, with his most popular movie 'It's Behind You! :o' with 8000+ views.

Usual Appearance and Style

Thomas511551 has light blue eyes, a tan skin tone, a freckled nose, and light red lips. He typically wears colors such as blue, white, and gray.


  • He was the 10th user on UK MSP to reach 1 billion fame
  • He has an inactive Canadian account called =Thomas=
  • His back up is called Triston Blue, which reached level 40 just 2 weeks after it was created.
  • He quit in October 2017.
  • It is unknown why he quit the game, it is probably because he was bored of it
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