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Template Documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

The NewlyCreatedStub is for recently created articles that are stubs.
This process is used for moviestars articles in order to prevent the build up of stubs.

How to use

  • Add {{NewlyCreatedStub}} to the very top of the desired article.
  • Note the marking of the article along with the date here.
  • Use this template to leave a message on the article creators wall.
    {{Template:NCSNotice |Date One = Month 00 2000 |Date Two = Month 00 2000}}
Date One = current date / Date Two = 14 days after the current date

How it works

Once an article is marked with the template, there will be seven days before the article will be reviewed. If the article is still incomplete upon review, it will be deleted.
This time frame allows the creator and other editors who share interest in the article time to complete the article and request help if need be.


  • Check the history of an article before marking to ensure it wasn't already falsely removed.
  • The message should be titled "Your newly created article(s)" or something clearly related.
  • Falsely removing this tag will not reset the time before deletion.
  • Articles are often deleted the day after their due date to insure there is a full week available to editors.
  • Remember, all times are in UTC or wiki time. Check the clock in the top right if you're unsure of the time.

Please direct all questions regarding this template here

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