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{{Template:Infobox Moviestar
|Gender       = 
|Level        = 
|Username     = 
|Server       = 
|VIP          = 
|Celeb        = 
|Voter        = 
|Member Since = 
|Relationship = 
|BFF1         = 
|BFF2         = 
|BFF3         = }}

Guide to the MovieStar Infobox

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Field 1: Gender

Gender should be either Male or Female depending on which applies to the moviestar's avatar.

Field 2: Level

Level should be the level of the moviestar; this means the number 0 through 100.

Field 3: Username

Username should be the username of the moviestar.
If this field appears to not be working correctly put the username in between "nowiki" tags (<nowiki>Like This</nowiki>).

Field 4: Server

Server should be the abbreviation of the country/server which the moviestar is on.
If you're unsure of the correct abbreviation please refer to our article on servers.

Field 5: VIP

VIP should be either VIP or NonVIP depending on whether or not the moviestar has any type of VIP.

Field 6: Celeb

Celeb should be either Celeb or NonCeleb depending on whether or not the moviestar is a celeb.

Field 7: Voter

Voter should be either Jury, Judge, or NonVoter depending on the moviestars voting status.

Field 8: Member Since

Member Since should be the month and year the moviestar joined.
This should be filled out MONTH(comma) YEAR to make something that looks like this January, 2000.

Field 9: Relationship

Relationship should be the username of the user the moviestar is in a relationship with. If the moviestar is not in a relationship, it should be left blank.
See FAQ for further details.

Field 10, 11, and 12: BFF (1-3)

BFF should be the username of the user the moviestar is best friends with. If the moviestar if not best friends with anyone it should be left blank.
See FAQ for further details.


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How do I add an image of the moviestar?
Upload a properly named image and it will appear there automatically.
See the photo policies for more information about proper naming.
What if the moviestar is not in a relationship with the user in their relationship spot?
Add (4th) at the end of their username.
Note that it's bolded, this is important to separate it from the username.
Help! The BFF and relationship fields are messed up!
Try adding a "nowiki" tag around the usernames (<nowiki>Like This</nowiki>). If that doesn't work post in the help center or ask another editor or admin for help.
If the moviestars in the BFF and/or relationship fields have articles on the wiki should I link them?
What if the moviestar is not a male or female?
This field is based on the avatars (/the accounts) gender, not the gender of the user themselves.
Of course, you're still free to note their true gender elsewhere on the article and use the proper pronouns for them.
Why is there a comma between the month and the year?
Because this is currently how MSP chooses to do it on in-game profiles.
Can I use this template on anything other than articles about moviestars?
As it adds categories and those categories are only allowed on those articles, no, you cannot.
Should there be enough demand for it in places outside of articles, there will likely be a modified version made.
Something looks really wrong, how do I fix it?!
If you've tried everything else and are sure you're using the correct source code, contact an admin. It's possible what you're seeing is unintentional and may need to be fixed by a coder. Be sure to take a screenshot when reporting!
Visit Template:Infobox Moviestar/doc to edit this text.
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