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This template will allow you to add country flags to anything you'd like.
This is the large(32px) version of this template, go here for the smaller(16px) version.

How to Use

Paste the following code into source mode and fill out accordingly.

{{Tag/Server/Large|Server = US}}

Included Countries

A flag for each MovieStarPlanet server is included here.

Show/Hide Flag Table
Abbreviation Outcome
DK MSPWiki-Flags-DK.png
NO MSPWiki-Flags-NO.png
SE MSPWiki-Flags-SE.png
FI MSPWiki-Flags-FI.png
DE MSPWiki-Flags-DE.png
NL MSPWiki-Flags-NL.png
UK MSPWiki-Flags-UK.png
PL MSPWiki-Flags-PL.png
FR MSPWiki-Flags-FR.png
US MSPWiki-Flags-US.png
TR MSPWiki-Flags-TR.png
AU MSPWiki-Flags-AU.png
CA MSPWiki-Flags-CA.png
IE MSPWiki-Flags-IE.png
NZ MSPWiki-Flags-NZ.png
ES MSPWiki-Flags-ES.png
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