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Template Documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

The HSStub template is a unique stub tag designed specifically for articles which are part of the "high-scoring (or simply HS) project".
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How to Use

To use this template, add {{HSStub}} to the top of any article or add the "HSStub" template to an article via another a non-source code method.

Additional Information and Clarifications

What articles should be marked with the HS Stub template?
Only incomplete articles that are part of the HS stub project should be marked with this template. To see articles which are part of this project, please review this page.
Should I remove the HS Stub template when I think the article is complete?
No. It's important that articles included in this project have the proper tags at all times, and so articles must be reviewed by administrators or content mods to ensure they're complete before the tag can be removed.
Post in the staff noticeboard under "Reviews - High-Scoring Stubs" (currently listed in the "special" row) to request a review.
How is this different from the other stubs?
As it was designed for a specific project, it includes a different category and additional links and information related to the project.
To learn more about the other stub tags, please review their respective template documentation.

Please direct all questions regarding this template here or to an admin.

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