This article is in need of cleanup!

You can help the wiki by giving it structure, correcting information, checking grammar and spelling, removing anything unnecessary, and doing other helpful things to correct the article.

Template Documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
How do I mark an article for cleanup?
To use this template, add {{Cleanup}} to the top of any article or add the "Cleanup" template to an article via another a non-source code method.
What does it mean for an article to need cleanup and when should I use this template?
For an article to be "in need of cleanup", it means it doesn't live up to our community standards in one way or another.

In most cases, this means one of more of the following is present:

  • Grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.
  • Improper structure and/or lack of proper organization.
  • Excess and/or unnecessary information.
  • Opinionated statements or comments.
  • Information that isn't clearly written, is hard to understand, and/or leads to multiple different conclusions.
  • Incorrect information.

If you need further assistance with this, please contact an admin.

I have cleaned up the article, why is the cleanup template still there?
You have to manually remove the template.
I cleaned up an article and removed the cleanup template. It's now on the article again, why?
First you should double check the article history to make sure you didn't accidently forget to remove the template.

If you did remove it, chances are it was added back because the article needed further cleanup. If you disagree, contact the user who marked the article for cleanup or post in our help center. If you don't get a response from either of the methods or you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely need to, contact an admin directly to get help.

Do not remove the template without making further changes (that would be considered in the realm of "cleaning up") to the article unless an admin or the user who added the template has told you it's not in need of cleanup.
Visit Template:Cleanup/doc to edit this text.
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