Famous Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2012

TOOF123 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 22 (Famous Movie Star).


TOOF123 joined MSP in August, 2012, however much of her time on the website has been spent inactive. She is most well known by her presence in chat rooms and forums. Though in recent years she has been more active, it is often as odd hours, such as in the middle of the night, and for periods of time ranging from only a few minutes to several hours.

Her account used to have lots of movies, artbooks, and looks, however they have since been deleted due to her now finding them "cringey and embarrassing". She currently has no public movies or artbooks.

Despite not being in consistent contact with any other users, she frequently gives autographs and gifts to random users, and leaves nice comments in guestbooks. 

Usual Appearance and Style

TOOF123 has black eyes, a freckled nose, black lips, and a green skin tone. However, most of her face is always hidden, as she is always seen wearing a rare mouth and the "Face/Off" accessory. Although her zombie-like appearance often brings unwanted attention towards her, she does not view these as "accessories", but simply how she looks, and says it would feel wrong to not wear them. She only wears green hair for reasons unknown. She frequently changes her outfits when online, which usually consist of mostly black with a particular accent color.


  • She is known to have one other account, known as bailey elmslie in the UK MSP server.
  • Her status updates are frequently used as a way to speak about her interests.
  • Despite her profile not having been seen VIP in several years, she has received the diamond status VIP Star achievement.
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