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Recommended Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2014

Sweetcupcake343434 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 28 (Reccomended Movie Star).


Sweetcupcake343434, also known as Avery, is best known for once being a Jewel and an A-Lister. She left the Jewels for the A-Listers after drama and joined Team Pump, but she eventually ended up leaving teams altogether.

Avery earns most of her fame through her movies; however, she gained some by claiming awards or giving greets. Avery used to be an active user, but now logs on when she has time. When she's online, she reads forums, creates looks, autographs moviestars, greets friends, and makes support offers. She typically offers a greet to someone who watches 3-5 of her movies. Her movies range from 15-70 views and her artbooks gain 15-84 loves. She rarely creates artbooks anymore; however, when she did, they were mainly created for fun, for a team activity, along with an occasional serious one. Avery's artbooks tended to be very vibrant and very elaborate. Some of her most liked artbooks are on private due to the act they were often related to a team, and she did not want to focus on them anymore.

Usual Appearance and Style

Avery currently has dark olive green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, salmon "Cherry Gloss" lips, and a tan skin tone. Her hair color is typically a normal hue of blond, red, black, or brown, but sometimes she wears a bolder color. She has an edgy style that changes frequently. She almost always wears the rare snake tattoo and enjoys adding pops of color to her looks.


  • Her name is Avery.
  • She is on the wiki under the name 3x Gallexii 3x.
  • Her favorite color is blue, specifically in turquoise or pastel shades.
  • She has one account on the Canadian server - "SweetCupcake<33" - and two backups on the US server - "ItzElli" and "Half a G6".
  • Avery has tried to make a few clubs before.
    • Her first club, "Sweetcakes", had about 100 members, but she ended it after a few months.
    • Her other club was "Anchors"; however, it also ended.
  • She received a friend request from 100% Random as a Jewel after supporting her frequently and writing in her guestbook almost daily.
  • She dislikes her username, but she doesn't want to make a new account.
  • She takes 2 weeks away off MSP during the summer every year.
  • Her current goal on MSP is to reach level 30, and she often states that she won't quit until she reaches it.
  • She is currently blocked by ItzJerz after a fight between A-Listers and Jewels.
  • A good amount of her highly popular artbooks are currently on private mode.
  • She loves greeting and gifting others because she feels as if she has too much money and too many diamonds.


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