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Sparkling Movie Star
Member Since: 2016
Erika Kawai

SwagieMagie69 is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). She is in level 62 (Rock Star Movie Star), and is on the second page of the ES server's highscores board.


SwagieMagie69 became known through short movies and giveaways. Her unique look made it easier for people to remember who she was.

Her close friendship with the high scoring user Itzfairy, whom she met in October 2017, boosted her popularity. They featured each other in each other's movies and still do till this day.

She has since created a name for herself through her looks, giveaways, artbooks, and movies. Her movies are mainly short movies and comedies. Her artbooks are mainly giveaways or to announce something. Magie her most viewed movie is "necesito café" with over 900 views.

When she's online, she makes movies and artbooks, answers messages, returns autographs and watches movies. She'd rather chat with people on her second account "Aliën" because of the lag on her main.

Usual Appearance and Style

SwagieMagie’s has light purple eyes, a round nose, a black mouth, and a gray skin tone. Her style is mainly girly. Her looks are usually based on the themes, but when she doesn’t like the theme, she makes her own looks. Her hair is often black and her eyeshadow always matches her look.


  • She speaks English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.
  • She likes to be creative.
  • She likes electronic music.
  • She used to date Sara Tah2.
  • She also plays on different servers with friends.
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