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u n i v e r s e s
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StasieStems48 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 24 (Beloved Movie Star).


Stasie began playing MSP in 2015 due to her binge-watching speedpaint habit. Since then she quit MSP since she found it hard to find any friends or to earn starcoins, but she came back in February and became active since then.

She has earned her fame mostly through autographs, greets and completing awards. She rarely ever makes artbooks or movies, but often creates looks (which all of her current looks' names end with a random file format such as .exe).

Not many events has happened to Stasie's MSP life except that she has been very loyal to one small team known as the ''Holowhores''. Since the locking of her main MSP twitter account ''shxxncrxmsxn'', Stasie has quit MSP for the second time, eventually forgetting about that team's existence. She came back in February-March where she became more active on her second Twitter account and drew two parts of ''Six MSP Avis Fanart''. Once again, she's active since then.

Usual Appearance and Style

Stasie's facial features vary most of the time, but she currently has dark orange ''Perfect Pout'' lips, light red ''Sweet and Sour Stuff'' eyes and a freckled nose. Her whole face and shoulders are covered in freckles. Since May 2018, she has a ''rare skin'' that's currently unobitainable through usual means.

Her outfit style also varies from time to time. She's mostly known for her maroon hair and red eyes, and sometimes, teal hair. She initially started out with a stereotypically girly look, but she grew out of that phase as her current looks are more androgynous, albeit more feminine than masculine. Her arms are always covered in tattoos.


  • Stasie initially joined MSP just to socialize with friends.
  • She is Bulgarian.
  • Her other account is ''u n i v e r s e s''
  • Her twitter is @Ialisapinkk (first L is actually a capital I).
  • Her birthday is in June 14th, making her a Gemini.
  • She ''yearns for a toxic free community'' as the other communities' toxicity is too much for her to bear.
  • She is a casual K-pop fan.
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