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Starla Sky
Year Introduced: 2013
Appearances: See Section

Starla Sky is a main character on MovieStarPlanet. She is the first main character players of both genders are introduced to when joining as she is used in the "Movie Star" career path.


Name Type Category
A unique version of Runway Winner Dresses(or Tops) Gala
Tech Nylons Bottoms Tights
Dance Stars Footwear Heels
Enchanted Mane Hair Miscellaneous
Royal Necklace Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
Princess Tiara Accessories Headwear
A unique version of Colored Cuff Accessories Jewellery & Glasses

(Only items different than Starlas regular outfit have been listed)

Name Type Category
Skull Prom Dresses(or Tops) Gala
Miss Arachnid Unknown Unknown
Night Jewel Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
The arm cuffs are unique to Starla Accessories Miscellaneous


  • She is the character for the "Movie Star" career path.
  • She was used in 2014 Halloween event as the career giver.
  • She was previously used for the ratings icon.
  • She is featured on the cover of the Markwins MovieStarPlanet makeup kit along with her boonie.
  • She is featured on the in-game item "MSP Bed".
  • On the cover of one and in various magazines.
  • In the Fame Rush mobile game.


  • Starla has the same last name as the main character Zac Sky, however, it's unknown if the two are meant to be related.