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Major Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2013

SnuggleMuffens is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 68 (Major MovieStar) and on the 7th page of the US highscores.


SnuggleMuffens was originally from the Canadian server. She was on her way to the top spot when some American users crossed over to her server and "Anti-Pumps" began bullying her and comparing her negatively to Pumpchkin, the top user on the US server. She and her cousin crossed over to the United States MSP to see if the things people were saying were true, feeling that Anti-Pumps were wrong.
Now, she is known for her close friendship with Pumpchkin and her place on the Dream Team. She gained most of her fame from being featured in Pumpchkin's movie series', such as "My Mom Thinks She's A TEEN" and "Mother In Law NIGHTMARE". She gains additional fame from greetings and autographs.

SnuggleMuffens has 10 ArtBooks released, her most loved one, "Hello Friend" has over 1600 loves.

Usual Appearance And Style

Snuggles has hazel "Pretty Perfect" eyes, strawberry pink "Perfect Pout" lips, a freckled nose, and fair skin. Her style is girly and she is usually seen dressing up to the current theme. She is often seen wearing the colors pastel pink, pastel blue, and red.


  • Riley@SaHs is Snuggle's self-proclaimed biggest fan. He often makes silly comments about Snuggles being Canadian in his movies featuring her.
  • Her real name is Abby.
  • She looks up to Pumpchkin.
  • She is originally from the Canadian Server.
  • In early 2014, Snuggles was added into the "Dream Team" family, alongside Vivi Giovanni, CuteStuff., Kylie_Kardash, and Pumpchkin.
  • Snuggles has stated that English isn't her first language. She speaks French and knows some English. She knows enough English to communicate successfully.
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