Smiley/happy123 is a regular user on Moviestarplanet (UK). She is level 25, (Fashionable Movie Star).


Fashionable Movie Star
Member Since: November 2013
- roman
>Your Living Nightmare<
Nightmare Paradox
it gets creepier msp
Smiley/Happy123, also known as 'Ari' by her friends and Twitter followers, is best known for her UK Moviestarplanet account and Twitter account. She is level 25 on Moviestarplanet and has over 600 followers. Smiley/happy123 is in 'Scream Team' and is on her way to becoming a Scream Team main on the UK server. Her account was made in November 2013, she quit in 2014 for 2 years and returned in late 2016. In 2017 Smiley/Happy123 has became very active and has been getting herself out there more. Her looks vary from pastel to casual, they range from 0-10 loves. Her artbooks are very creative and they vary from 20-60 loves. She makes inspirational artbooks and giveaways. She makes 5 small movies a day and they get from 10-30 views each.

Usual Appearance & Style

Smiley/Happy123 is known for her Scream Team face. She red and black scary eyes, a pointy nose, light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips and green skin. She usually wears brown hair and her outfit choices change depending on the theme. She makes different looks every week for the different themes, she usually gets 0-10 loves per look.


  • Smiley/Happy123 is Ari's third account
  • The accounts username was named after an Irish account Ari owned.
  • When the account Smiley/Happy was made, Ari was 8 years old.
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