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Sky Phoenix
Cool Movie Star
Sky Phoenix
Member Since: September, 2014

Sky Phoenix is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 23 (Cool Movie Star).

About and History

Sky Phoenix is mostly known for her team and club, "Sky's Risers", her movies, and her artbooks. She's gained most of her popularity through her club. Her fame mainly comes from her movies, especially her mini series "A Second Chance" and her series "The Other Cinderella Story". When she's online, Sky Phoenix dedicates most of her time to working on things related to her team and making movies and artbooks.
Her movies are mostly either horror movies or mystery movies, but sometimes she'll make silly movies or movies for the current competition. Her ArtBooks are usually for her team, but she also makes ArtBooks that include art or discuss something.

Usual Appearance and Style

Sky Phoenix has cadet blue eyes, a round nose, a tan skin tone, and strawberry pink "Perfect Pout" lips. Her style is mostly girly with a touch of punk rock to some of her outfits. The colors in her outfits always match. Most of her looks match the weekly theme, are for her club, or are just a random outfit she created.


  • Her real name is Kyda.
  • Her birthday is June 14th.
  • She logs onto MSP at least 3 days a week, depending on her real life schedule.
  • She previously had an account in October 2011, which was well known for a movie she made that got over 100 views. She deleted the account after 2 years and wasn't seen for another year returning in 2014 of September. The reason she left is unknown.
  • She has 2 family members that play MovieStarPlanet but hasn't revealed their usernames.
  • She played "Goodgame Disco" under the username PhoenixCutie7
  • Her lucky number is 12.
  • She enjoys sea food, burritos, strawberries, Mountain Dew, and water.
  • Her favorite shows are Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Rupaul's Dragrace.
  • Her favorite animal is a dog and her favorite critter is a ladybug.
  • Her movie "A Second Chance" is a remake of a movie she made on her past account that got many views.
  • Her favorite games are MovieStarPlanet, Mario Kart, and My life.
  • She is on this wiki under the name SkyPhoenixMSP.
  • She is a cheerleader.
  • She enjoys collecting rares on her account.
  • Kyda's profile page on MSP has over 2,400 views.
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