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Winning Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2018
OG Cole

Skinnypetite is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (USA). She is Level 44 (Winning Movie Star)


Skinnypetite is mostly known for being a regular feature on Dwiana's Youtube Livestreams. She is also known for supporting her close friends Dwiana, and Paris Nova's club "Material World."

Usual Appearance and Style

Skinnypetite usually wears aesthetic, grunge, and street styled clothing. She often wears curly hair with avatar. She has also been known to wear team looks created by Dwiana, and Yasmatron.


  • She has been a forumer since 2018.
  • She joined the air force.
  • She has an account on the Turkish server named "Egyptian Doll."
  • She changes her look very often.
  • Her real name is Amoreye.
  • She believes in racial equality.
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