Short Movies~!
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Short Movies~!
Member Since: August, 2012
Syrup in a sippycup

Short Movies~! is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 26 (Lifestyle Movie Star).


Short Movies~! initially became known through her first account, "Supermiaaa", which she made in December 2011. The account had reached level 13 before she made "Short Movies~!" in August 2012 to make short movies. Through her short movies she reached level 13 within 3 months during the time period when level 25 was the highest level. She gained a lot of recognition through her old friendships with high scoring moviestars as Mybeau and others. She is currently known for being one of the original short movie creators.
In February 2014, Short Movies~! took a two year hiatus to focus on school and her first love relationship. After her relationship ended, she returned to MSP and is now active. On MSP, she supports her friends through autographs.
Prior to quitting her looks were somewhat popular.

Usual Appearance and Style

Short Movies~! has a tan skin tone, olive green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a curved nose, and pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. Her style usually a mix of "tomboy" and "girly". She usually wears light colors with some jewelry, but does wear colorful clothing sometimes. She always wears tattoos with her outfit.


  • She has never joined a team.
  • Pumpchkin has blocked her for a unknown reason.
  • Vivi Giovanni has blocked her for being a short movies account.
  • Her real name is Melina.
  • Her lucky number is 17.
  • Her birthday is on January 17th.
  • She loves reality shows, such as "Catfish", and romance shows like "Vampire Diaries".
  • She is Nicaraguan and Mexican.
  • She doesn't know Spanish.
  • She plays PlayStation 3/4 and Xbox One.
  • She loves Call Of Duty games, preferably Black Ops 2/3.
  • Her favorite music artists are Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Partynextdoor, Kid Cudi, Hopsin.
  • She likes the song "Luv" by Tory Lanez.
  • She is a teenager in High School.
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