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Short movies (also known as SMs) are 10 to 16 second-long movies that usually feature a group of people doing animations. These types of movies are popular because users who make and watch SMs can get StarCoins and Fame quickly. Short movies rarely have a story and some users feel they serve no purpose.


Short movies are said to have started a "war" and many users feel that they have divided MSP. Users who support the 10 second films tend to say that Pumpchkin divided the virtual world by asking her fans to put "Stop Short Movies" on their statuses. The short movie supporters mocked Pump's idea by putting "Pump Can't Control Us" in their statuses. Pump's fans retaliated by putting "Team Pump" in their statuses.


Short Movies became popular fast when more users caught on to how much money and fame they could earn by making them. Suddenly, users with short movies in their usernames popped up all over the site. One of the users even made it to the top of the High Scores by being one of the first people to reach level 25. The user, short movies", quit MSP in late 2012 but her legacy lives on as one of the short movie users is on her way to the top.

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