Fashionable Movie Star
Member Since: November, 2012
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ShortMoviez!!!! is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 25 (Fashionable Movie Star) and was previously 8th place on US highscores in 2013.


ShortMoviez!!!! is of course known for creating short movies. She was said to gain her fame this way, but she also gave countless support to other players, which she got that support back.

ShortMoviez!!!! has numerous movies, a mixture of artbooks from many years of playing. As of May 2020, virtually all of those artbooks have been deleted. Only three artbooks remain visible on ShortMoviez!!!! profile.

Although ShortMoviez!!!! was 8th on US highscores over 7 years ago, she has went inactive, but it has been noticed she has recently logged in and purchased VIP.

Usual Appearance and Style

ShortMoviez!!!! has peach skin and a pointed nose with a shimmering glossy pink lipstick.

Lush often chooses striking colors in her looks, particularly with hair. Her style varies from casual to fun and colorful but is very individual and vibrant. ShortMoviez!!!! She to this day still loves to wear 2012 styled clothing.


  • She has another known and active account under the username “Paris Nova”.
  • She is said to be 13 years of age.
  • She was said to quit her account to play on her other account Paris Nova.
  • She is in the club 2012 Movie Stars.
  • She is a the leader of an active and well known team "Material World" on her new account.
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