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Memorable Movie Star
Member Since: October, 2012

Shenekoye is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 33 (Memorable Movie Star).


Shenekoye gained most of her fame by starring in packers212121's movie "Should I quit?". She loves to make people happy by writing in their guestbooks, giving them wishlist items, or giving them greets.
Shenekoye makes a lot of artbooks, her most loved one being "Rare Give Away" with over 100 loves. Her movies consist of short movies and movie series, although the only series she has completed is "The Family". Her short movies get more views than her movie series and her most viewed movie is "youtube sm".

Shenekoye temporality quit in December, 2015, but returned in January, 2016. It turns out she also took a break from november 2016 until march 2017 when she finally became alot more active. She also mostly leaves her bestfriend spot open unless "that person is trustworthy and i have been talking to them loads" she states. Shenekoye is also VERY active when it comes to giving support or talking to people on guestbooks. She was also a very active forumer till she quit being a forumer on July 2017.

Usual Appearance and Style

Shenekoye has black "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a pointed nose, lightly tanned skin, and light cherry pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. She often wears blonde or black hairstyles. Shene mostly wears black and white clothing mixed with other colorful colors. Her outfits are mostly tomboy and usually go with the theme, but are girly on occasion. Her style is mostly surprisinh, as she wears a lot of dark colors. But has stated "I used to have that emo phase for like 3 to 4 months, but then i stopped, black still is my favorite color tho." She doesn't make a lot of looks, but enjoys making them.


  • Her real name is Gwen.
  • Her favorite food is pizza.
  • Gwen has a UK account under the same username which is level 21, and an Austrailian account under the same username which is level 14.
  • Her birthday is on December.
  • Gwen hates horror movies.
  • She is a fan of K-pop and her favorite groups are: BTS, got7, Astro, Seventeen, and top secret.
  • Her favorite animes are: ouran high school host club, kaichou wa maid sama, diabolik lovers, your lie in april, kamisama kiss and haikyuu!!
  • Her favorite mangas are: kaichou was maid sama, haikyuu!!, snow white with red hair, and super lovers
  • She has 4 backups which are: "rainbowstew", "eapen2", and "shenekoye backup". She also has a secret backup.
  • She didn't know about MovieStarPlanet until her cousin introduced her to it.
  • Gwen has stated that "eapen2" got hacked.
  • Her favorite Youtubers are Dan and Phil.
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