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Existing Servers

Below is a chart of the different servers locations, web addresses, base languages, and launch times.
The order of the chart is based on launch time.

Country Web Address Language Launch Date
MSPWiki-Flags-DK.png Denmark(DK) Danish May 2009
MSPWiki-Flags-NO.png Norway(NO) Norwegian May 2010
MSPWiki-Flags-SE.png Sweden(SE) Swedish May 2010
MSPWiki-Flags-FI.png Finland(FI) Finnish December 2010
MSPWiki-Flags-DE.png Germany(DE)

(Deutschland) German December 2010
MSPWiki-Flags-NL.png Netherlands(NL) Dutch December 2010
MSPWiki-Flags-UK.png United Kingdom(UK) English December 2010
MSPWiki-Flags-PL.png Poland(PL) Polish January 2011
MSPWiki-Flags-FR.png France(FR) French February 2011
MSPWiki-Flags-US.png United States(US) English August 2011
MSPWiki-Flags-TR.png Turkey(TR) Turkish March 2012
MSPWiki-Flags-AU.png Australia(AU) English January 2013
MSPWiki-Flags-CA.png Canada(CA) English January 2013
MSPWiki-Flags-IE.png Ireland(IE) English January 2013
MSPWiki-Flags-NZ.png New Zealand(NZ) English January 2013
MSPWiki-Flags-ES.png Spain(ES) Spanish December 2013


  • Though the first sever which is Denmark launched in May 2009, the server launched as beta in January 2009.
  • Despite the base language, many players may still speak English within the site.
  • Although MyStarPlanet is named differently, it's still considered to be MovieStarPlanet. The reasoning behind the name change is yet to be disclosed.
  • A widely-known thing you can do with servers is put any word, phrase, etc. after the "www." and put another dot before "moviestarplanet", and it will still load whatever server domain you decided to put at the end (For instance, ""). Some of these custom server links may contain a privacy error upon clicking them, but the links are completely safe, as they are just the normal MovieStarPlanet game. Upon entering the site, you are greeted with the same "Download to play" screen you see the first time you go on to the website.
  • It's predicted that the US server has the most users or at least the most active users. This is believed because the highest scoring MovieStars are quite a bit higher there than on any other server. However, that isn't necessarily, means to believe it's true.
  • Sometimes a single server may be used to test an update before it's added to all the other servers. In addition to this, some servers may be updated later than others.
  • Certain features are sometimes kept from some servers. This is sometimes believed to be due to child safety.
  • The German server is the only server which has a "Legal Information" tab in the top corner of the screen.
  • There is an Italian server within the MovieStarPlanet files, although it was never used