Selinabee started playing around November 2019.One of her bestfriends gave her a one week VIP ticket. Selina was over the moon like anything, and it encouraged her to buy more and more VIP and is still VIP now. had lots of bestfriends but not many relationships. She is currantly level 13 on the UK server. She likes to help people out by giving greets, buying peoples wish lists, etc. Something happened around December 2019.She was friends with a girl called skqlights and was real life too. They both played MSP together, and started becoming 4thies with each other. But then her other friend amashat, appeared in her girlfriend spot. Selina was fine about this, but Amashat started spamming her with rude and inappropriate things like, ''Imogen said your ugly'' and, ''Imogen ( skqlights ) said your disgusting''.This got Selina quite a bit, so she blocked Amashat. Things got out of hand from then on, which was quite serious, and a long story, Anyway moving on, she met a user called Peppy. They loved each other so much. They were so glad they were bestfriends. Selina helped her out buy buying her wishlist etc. Here is a picture of Selinabee which is suggested to be her now.

File:Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 18.19.36.png
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