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'Searching' is an unannounced feature for the MovieStarPlanet shop. You can view this feature in the Clothing


This is an example of the searching feature that sometimes appears before the shop loads.

Shop and the Item Shop by double clicking the icon; halting the loading of all of the assets. (Clothing, items etc.)


  • The search feature can be accessed in the Clothing and Item shop but not in any other.
  • You can access this feature by dual-clicking the icon of the stores in the "Shopping" area.
  • The search feature isn't available in the Diamond Shop, Music Shop, Animations, Beauty Clinic, Boonies or Bonsters.
  • Is is suspected that you can:

1. Search for an item using the oblong bar at the bottom.

2. Pick categories to search with with the four bars at the top; for example: "Item" then "Colour" then "VIP" and finally "Price".

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