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Cool Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2013

Sammiekatt is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 23 (Cool Movie Star).


Sammiekatt, also known as Sam or Samantha, usually doesn't log on very often, but when she does, she is mostly making artbooks, shopping, or chatting with her friends.
Samantha usually doesn't make many movies, and has only made a couple series, titled "ZOMBIES !!!", "Drama Highschool", and "What?". She has plans for a new series about high school drama. Her artbooks are usually about random things that involve "loves" to progress. Her most popular artbook is called "CLICK OR YOU'RE EATEN". Sam rarely makes looks, but in the past she has made many looks based upon a certain color.

Usual Appearance

Sammiekatt has brown "Pretty Perfect" eyes, light pink "Perfect Pout" lips, and a pointy nose. Her outfits usually consist of pastel colors and another color, such as black or white, golden blonde hair, and lots of accessories.


  • Her birthday is May 28th.
  • She loves "5 Nights at Freddy's".
  • She loves to draw.
  • She has many other accounts, which she calls "files".
  • Her best friend in real life and Moviestarplanet is mysterious$2003.
  • She has over 3,800 views on her profile page.


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