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Samantha (Extra)
Year Introduced: 2008
Appearances: See Section

Samantha (also known as "Samantha (extra)") was a character on MovieStarPlanet from 2009 to 2015. In 2015, she and her account were replaced by Pixi Star.


Samantha was the host of the casting game and was an extra who could be put into movies. If you put Samantha into a movie, now you will see her marked as "Pixi Star" instead of "Samantha", though she will be wearing the same outfit.

If you look in Pixi Star's closet, you will find Samantha's outfit there.


Name Type Category
Big-tails Styled Hair
Trashy Life Tops T-shirts & Tanktops
Snow Leggings (Retired) Bottoms TBA
Gladiators Footwear Shoes
Fancy Hat Accessories Hats


  • She was the host of the casting game but was replaced by Pixi Star. (May 2011 - March 2015.)
  • She was a movie extra. (Release of the feature - March 2015.)


  • Prior to the Pixi Star update, the (Samantha's) account appeared to be "locked out" or deleted.
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