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Member Since: July, 2015
Awasonko (4th)

Sally2107 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 29 (Upcoming Movie Star).


Sally2107 is best known through her friendship with Inzpiremaria. She's become known through her artbook "1 LOVE = 1 FACT" which reached the top page of artbooks. The artbook remained there for a whole week. She's also become known on the forums and being in a lot of movies. Her short movies got up to 300+ views. She gained fame through autographs from her friends Qxeencesss, Angle2107, and Inzpiremaria. She leveled up from level 10 to level 20 in a whole month. When she started MSP, she quit straight away. She came back in August 2016.
When Sally's online, she tries to gain starcoins and level up. She also watches short movies.
Her artbooks are mainly based on herself and her best friends.

Usual Appearance and Style

Sally has grey-black eyes, peachy lips, and a pale skin-tone. She normally wears tomboy clothes but sometimes she dresses like a girly girl. Sometimes she wears the theme clothes. She has a lot of VIP clothes but doesn't buy that many clothes because of her VIP loss.


  • She knows Qxeencesss, Angle2107, Rohann and Inzpiremaria.
  • She used to date Rohann.
  • She is the closest to Inzpiremaria.
  • Her real name is Sally.
  • She goes to school with Angle2107 and Inzpiremaria.
  • She met Inzpiremaria when they were both 5 years old.
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