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Royal Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2012
Esko Saari

Sallastara is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (FI). She is level 82 (Royal Movie Star). She is 1st on the FI Highscores.


Sallastara created her account on May, 2012. She is known very well for her movies, which almost always reach the top. She gets a lot of views on her movies because she makes artbooks where she gives away diamond pack clothing to people who watch her movies; for she buys diamond packs frequently. She also has the most loved look on the FI server named simply "Look❤" with about 17,000 loves.

She became the top spot holder at some point between mid-2017 and May 2018, following the inactivity of previous top spot holder, AlbanerSS.

Usual Appearance and Style

Most of Sallastara's hairstyles consist of light blonde hair. She has blue eyes, and light peach coloured lips, and a lightly tanned skin color. Her style mostly consists of color coded outfits, and the 3 main colours of her outfits are usually black, white and/or red.


  • She has made over 100 movie series.
  • Her room has around 120,000 loves, making it the second most loved room on the FI server, only behind AlbanerSS, and above Pixi Star.
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