Professional Movie Star
Member Since: October, 2013

S0S is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 15 (Professional Movie Star).


S0S started gaining recognition through her artbook "FROZEN HELP ANNA AND HER FROZEN HEART" reaching the first page of the weekly high scores and is best known for it being the most loved artbook on the entire server with over 66,000 loves. In addition to this artbook, she only has two other ones: "Rare Trade!", which has almost 100 loves, and "Help!". She currently has no movies and two looks: "beautiful blue" and "sparkle", which has over 20 loves.
S0S has gained the majority of her fame through her artbooks, and has also gained some through awards. The account was given to a new owner, but neither owner has played on this account since 2015. When she was active, a lot of her time on MSP was spent making designs and shopping.

Usual Appearance and Style

S0S has light blue eyes, pale pink lips, a pointy nose, and a tan skin tone, although she changes her appearance often. Her style is a mix of girly, tomboy, and casual. She is often seen wearing clothes, which are often her own designs, in light shades of pink and blue and a hairstyle in black, blonde, or brown. She usually wears the freckles accessory.


  • She lives in a small house in Montana with a dog.
  • She loves singing along to songs by Florida Georgia Line.
  • "Churley6" is her BFF in real life.
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