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The Rules are a set of policies set in place by MovieStarPlanet. The following is a copy of these rules.
Players must follow these rules at all times or they will risk losing their accounts.

Rules on MovieStarPlanet (What not to do)

  1. Don't share your password and don't ask another user for their password. MovieStarPlanet never asks users for their password and users should never write their MovieStarPlanet password in any forum, either in game or outside of the website.
  2. Don't provide user details on the promise of a free VIP membership or StarCoins. Nobody can give you free VIP membership or StarCoins.
  3. Don't reveal personal information (such as real name, email, phone number, age, address, name of school, or user names of Facebook, Skype, MSN etc.)
  4. Don't write things that are sexually suggestive or racist.
  5. Don't select a username that refers to gender issues or sexuality, and don't use your real name as your username.
  6. Don't harass or annoy other users or beg for items.
  7. Don't use offensive language. Abusive behavior is not allowed.
  8. Don't pretend to be or impersonate a staff member/moderator of MSP. A real moderator can be identified by a moderator badge, which will be displayed at all times.
  9. Don't break any copyright laws.
  10. Don't send chain letters. Don't copy/paste chain letters.
  11. Don't talk about how to cheat and don't use cheats to progress in the game.
  12. Don't try to steal or trick items from other users. We delete users who steal.

We encourage everyone to always be kind and respectful and to report all content or behaviour that appears to be inappropriate, suspicious or abusive. MovieStarPlanet is all about being creative and social - this is how you move up in the game.

What happens if I break the rules?

If a player breaks the rules, they will get a warning first. However, if unacceptable behavior continues, players will be locked out of using the MovieStarPlanet game for various lengths of time depending on the severity of the infringement. Time locks range from five minutes up to seven days and in serious circumstances can be permanent. These blocks can be applied to all users. If a VIP user is locked, no refund will be given. In serious cases, MovieStarPlanet has the right to block the computer IP address as well as the user account. This means that no one can access MovieStarPlanet from that computer.

Note on Phishing

Always beware of phishing on the Internet. Phishing is when someone pretends to be an official authority, for instance a staff member of MovieStarPlanet, in order to make you reveal your password, real name or credit card information.

All MovieStarPlanet staff, if in game, will display a 'moderator' badge. On the rare occasion MovieStarPlanet needs to initiate contact with a user about a serious matter, we will do so via email.

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