Roxy Ramone
Year Introduced: 2013
Appearances: See Section

Roxy Ramone is a main character on MovieStarPlanet. She was previously the face of the create and rate feature.


Name Type Category
Milicool Tops Outerwear
Glitter Stripes Bottoms Pants
Deadly Heels Footwear Heels
A unique version of Wavy Girl Hair Long Hair
Huge Bow Accessories Headwear
Neon Time Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
Phat Chain Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
A unique version of Kawaii Stars Earrings Accessories Jewellery & Glasses


  • She was previously used for the in-game create and rate feature.
  • She is featured on the cover of the Markwins MovieStarPlanet makeup kit along with her boonie.
  • She is featured on the homepage and footer of the MovieStarPlanet merch shop.
  • She is featured on a gym bag and towel from the MovieStarPlanet merch shop.
  • Her and her boonie are used in the girls bedding from Björna.
  • She is used in the design studio TV commercial.
  • She is featured on the in-game items "MSP Bed" and "TV".
  • She is featured in the in-game background "BFF Zone".
  • A pink haired version of Roxy is featured on MovieStarPlanets corporate website.
  • She was once the unnamed girl who introduced you to the game, before Pixi Star.


  • An info card made for Roxy.
  • Roxy on the ratings icon.
  • Roxy on the ratings Module.
  • Roxy on the Markwins makeup kit.
  • Roxy on the Markwins makeup kit.
  • Roxy on the merch shop homepage.
  • Roxy in the merch shop's footer.
  • The Roxy Ramone gym bag.
  • The Roxy Ramone towel.
  • Roxy and her boonie on the girls bedding from Björna.
  • Roxy on the "MSP Bed".
  • Roxy on the "TV"
  • Roxy in the BFF Zone in-game background.
  • A pink haired Roxy from MovieStarPlanets corporate website.
  • Roxy's boonie Dazzle.
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