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{{Infobox Moviestar
|Level = 101
|Username = RotiKhaase
|Gender = Female
|Server = UK
|VIP = Star VIP
|Celeb = Celeb
|Voter = Judge
|Member Since = May, 2014
|Relationship =Starla Sky
|BFF1 = daisyissoamazing
|BFF2 = MissScandalous
|BFF3 = mysterygall xox
'''RotiKhaase''' was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star).
RotiKhaase became know through her movie series. Her first movie series was "Letting Go", and her most such movie series was "Damaged". She has completed around 100+ movie series all thousands of views and counting. She has now, due to her many successful series, sed the user ishacool as the highest leveled player in the UK server.
RotiKhaase likes to interact with her followers, holding many giveaways throughout the year. She also has "adding sprees" on occasion as the sheer number of friends she has caused large amounts of lag on her computer.
==Usual Appearance and Style==
RotiKhaase usually wears outifts for a theme, she makes 2 looks for nearly each theme, one non vip and one vip. She wears bright colours in every outfit, and each colour scheme is different.
*RotiKhaase roughly translates to "eat the bread" in Hindi.
*She has a YouTube channel which can be found [ here].
*She enjoys making amusing MSP skits mostly related to MSP moderators, Pixi Star, and Zac Sky.
*Her brother and sister's accounts are Gangstar5947421 and Nadia195.
**Roti has made videos reading through her sibling's messages (with their consent), "My Savage Sister" and "Reading my Brother's Messages"
**Roti is the more active between them and often goes on her brother's account to buy him outfits and so she has male options for her many giveaways.
* Her brother & sister introduced her to Moviestarplanet as a joke, but then she got addicted to the game.
* She knows MissScandalous in real life, they are also best friends in real life.
* She is famous for her exclusive Youtube giveaways, and her "drip top and drip cap giveaway" were the most popular.
* She is the first person to reach every level from 80-101 on UK MSP.
* She is one of the few people to have earned over 100 million StarCoins.

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