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(May baby
Lil Ryan
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Rim is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is level 54 (Super Winning Movie Star), and on the 7th spot of the CA highscores board.


Rim became known through her movie series "My Sister's Ghost", and is best known for her successful movie series and her looks, which always top the weekly highscores. She has leveled up mainly through her movies. She took a break in the summer of 2015 and returned in November 2015.

Rim's movies are mainly a large number of horror or romantic movie series and comedy movies. Her most popular movies are "Dolly's Curse" and "Tansy". Her artbooks always have backgrounds that match her current outfit.

Usual Appearance and Style

Rim has a light tan skin tone, blue-green eyes, a pointy nose with a nose ring, and pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. She changes her appearance when making looks. She wears tattoos and has a belly ring. Her style is mainly girly. Rims looks are colorful, and her most loved look is "Hearts Drop".


  • Rim has twitter (@ItzRimmy).
  • Her name is Lily.
  • She had made over 5 backups in the past since her accounts either get deleted or locked out: "RimmyLuvsYuh", "❥Liky", "LilyNotLilly", "! Rim !", "Lilylicious". Her current backup is "Lilylicious".
  • She loves cats.
  • She is an Arianator.
  • Her birthday is October 9th, and she is 15 years old.
  • She was number one on the CA high scores.
  • She has a team of her own, which she calls "Rubies".
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