Exclusive Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2012
Rhianne1 was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She was level 45 (Fun Star).


Rhianne is best known for her looks and pets. She's leveled up by her pets, greetings, and autographs. Her most view movie was her short movie with 4,000+ views. It reached the top spot for a few days. However, this movie has been deleted. When she's online, she makes looks, updates her status, and feeds her pets.
Rhianne doesn't make movies regularly, but when she does they're usually short movies to help out her close friends with fame, or funny clickbait movies to entertain her fans. She currently has one artbook.

Usual Appearance & Style

Rhianne has dark blue eyes with dark eye shadow, and her lip color changes weekly. Her style is mainly girly with a mixture of "old" clothing. She is usually seen wearing old style clothing with a mix of clothes from the latest themes as well. She also buys the "Cavallian Familia" outfits now and again. She often wears pastel colors rather than dark or dull colors, but she does wear black sometimes. She changes her outfits daily.


  • She has known Lushhh for around two years.
  • In November 2016, Rhianne returned to MovieStarPlanet.
  • Her movies all had over 1,000+ views each.
  • She originally joined in December 2011, but her UK account got deleted in April 2014.
  • She tries her best to make sure she can help everyone out. If you 'pet' her pets, you will see her gifting her fans wishlist gifts.
  • She rarely used to make movies, she has now picked up on this and has top movies regularly.
  • In 2017, she created a team with her 4th "Snow//". The team is called "The Dreamers".
  • Rhianne deleted her account and returned with the username Rhianne1.
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