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Retired Boonies are one of the types of pets within MovieStarPlanet. Up until their retirement when they were replaced by the new boonies, players could purchase them for 900 starcoins in the boonie shop within the pet section of MovieStarPlanet. There were 3 types of boonies available, evil boonies, VIP boonies, and good boonies. Each boonie came with a randomized set of accessories (for some) eyes, ears, and fur color/pattern.

The diamond shop and highscores board still support old boonies, so the players who had them before their retirement can still use them the way they always have.

Caring For Your Boonie

Boonies have needs like any other pet. Like modern boonies, retired boonies like to be fed, washed, and played with. Feeding a retired boonie costs 3 coins, but washing and playing with a boonie is free.


Before they replaced "death" to "sick"

Back when Retired boonies were introduced, they used to be able to die if neglect but Msp removed the feature and replaced it with sickness. However, when it become sick and require a 20-coin medicine to be interacted further with. Sick boonies can be identified with a thermometer in its mouth and have green eyes, the blue eyed vip boonies eyes stay blue when being sick. Dead boonies were identified with "x" eyes with it's tongue sticking out.

Retired boonies must be fed and washed. If they are not fed, they will become sick. If they weren't washed, they would have flies around them. However msp also removed the flies as well There is no negative result for not washing or playing with a retired boonie as in today.

Washing a retired boonie will reward the player with 3 coins. This feature has been removed with modern boonies.

Growing a Boonie


When a boonie reaches 9 food points(one above the max for each level), they will grow a stage. There are four stages, baby(default), child, teen, and adult. Each stage gives the boonie a slightly different overall appearance and will add more of their accessory set if they have one.
Once a boonie reaches the adult stage it will no longer grow, but can still be fed.

The player can also choose to instantly grow their boonie a stage for 12 diamonds by purchasing an upgrade in the diamond shop.

Leveling a Boonie

Level Play Points
1 50
2 500
3 1,500
4 4,000
5 7,000
6 12,000
7 18,000
8 26,000
9 36,000
10 50,000

In order to level a boonie players must obtain a set number of "play points"(similar to how players must earn fame). Play points can be earned when the player chooses to play volleyball with their pet. Every click on the volleyball will earn the player 1 play point (2 if they're a VIP) which will be added to their total score for that game. Once the volleyball hits the floor the game ends and the play points that were earned will be added to the pets overall total.

There are 10 levels the player can achieve, each coming with a new trick for the boonie to do. Additionally, different level boonies produce a different starcoin amount when another player "loves" them. The amounts range from 1-3, level 0 and 1 boonies produce 1 starcoin, level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 boonies produce 2 starcoins, and level 7, 8, 9, and 10 boonies produce 3 starcoins.

After the max level is reached the boonie can no longer level up, however the boonie can still earn play points.


Evil Boonies VIP Boonies Good Boonies

Glitches & Errors

  • If the player visits a chatroom of any sort first, they can go into a game, play with their boonie, and then be able to walk around the game screen like they would in a chatroom. (Unpatched)
  • On the MovieStarPlanet mobile app, in the pets section, retired Boonies and retired PetPets show up as a different retired pet. Some even show up as plants. (Unpatched)


  • Until replaced by the new boonies, retired boonies appeared in pop-up messages and on the homepage slides.
  • One of the new Boonies bears a striking resemblance to a white Good Boonie with pink horns.
  • Many retired boonies come from old Diamond Packs.
  • These boonies were never available on the Spanish server, due to being retired before the server was released.
  • On mobile, the volleyball feature is missing, so you CAN'T level your Retired Boonie up on mobile.


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