The Reporting System is a safety measure set in place by MovieStarPlanet. It allows players to report other players who are breaking the rules to MSP.
The following is a copy of the reporting system.


MovieStarPlanet encourages parent and user engagement to help keep our site safe. If you come across inappropriate language or behaviour while on MovieStarPlanet, please report it.

Our Reporting System

MovieStarPlanet has an easy-to-use reporting system; it only takes a few clicks. We encourage everyone to report bad behaviour, with our moderators responding to reports within 24 hours.

To report another user, click on their username which will display their personal profile. Then click the 'Report Bad Behaviour' button (it is an exclamation mark [!] in a yellow triangle) located in the top right hand corner of the user profile.

Reporting System-ReportIcon

Users are required to select a violation category and provide a brief description of the violation. This helps moderators prioritise reports.

Reporting System-BlockOrReport

If a user breaks the rules they will be locked from the site, starting at five minutes and extending to seven days depending on the severity of the behaviour. If users continue to break the rules, or a severe breach occurs, MovieStarPlanet can permanently lock the user from entering the site; place a block on the computer/IP address or both, preventing a user from registering under a different profile.

Always use MovieStarPlanet's reporting mechanism as your first option. MovieStarPlanet will investigate the report and decide on an appropriate course of action. This includes issuing communications blocks, temporary bans from the site or permanent blocks. If a child's safety is at risk or personally identifiable information has been exchanged, MovieStarPlanet notifies relevant law enforcement agencies on your behalf.

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