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Registration is the process of creating your account on MovieStarPlanet. You can start creating your account by clicking the "Play Now" button. Creating an account on MovieStarPlanet is free, though there are optional in-app purchases.


First, you must select either a female or a male avatar, then you can choose between any predefined clothes, hairs, eyes, mouths, noses and skin colors. There is also an option to generate a random avatar.
After you've customized your new MovieStar, you have to give it a username and password, and enter your birthday month and year(US, NZ and AU servers only).



After creating your account, you meet Pixi Star if you chose the female avatar and Zac Sky if you chose the male avatar. He or she will give you four gifts (200 StarCoins and then a three clothing items/furniture) and then send your Movie Star to the main page. Then, he or she will send you a friend request, and it is required to accept it.



  • A Moderator account cannot be created.
  • On the Canadian, German and Austrailian server, you can enter your school. (This has been removed).
  • If you make your account on the app, you can open all four presents; if it's on the website, you can only open three and the last one the next day.
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