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Common Rare Week Items

Rare Week is an annual week-long event that reintroduces exclusive items as well as retired clothing, retired animations, and retired backgrounds back into the shop for players to buy. Once introduced into the shop, players have exactly one week to buy these items before they become unobtainable again.

When is Rare Week?

Although Rare Week is one of the bigger events on MovieStarPlanet, there is not a set week that it occurs in. Based on the release date of past Rare Weeks, the event is most likely to occur sometime in the fall during the months of August, September, or October.

Pixi Star is excited about Rare Week in her status.

MovieStarPlanet themselves have said that they will never release the date of a Rare Week. They have said:

"It is a big secret and we will never reveal when it's time for Rare Week. What we will do, however, is drop hints about when time is near! Keep an eye out for news sliders and announcements in our Forums."

Pixi Star will often hint at the upcoming Rare Week in her status. MovieStarPlanet will also post about the event in the forums. Watchful players will have a good idea of when Rare Week will be.



  • Previous Diamond Packs can be featured in Rare Week
  • Inappropriate animations (nude, gore, or offensive) have not been reintroduced with Rare Week