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Player's Rooms (or simply rooms) are a feature in MovieStarPlanet. Users can design their own rooms by purchasing decorations or furniture at the Items store, and selecting a background for the wall and floor.


Rooms have four sections: Living Room, Garden, Kitchen, and Party Room. Users can also change the background and the floor of each section using various options given by MSP. The MSP app only has some choices, but on the app you can see how each background looks like instead of actually selecting it to see how it looks.

Users can invite their friends to their room by clicking "Invite Friends" on the upper right-hand corner while in their room. Users can also visit their friends or other moviestars' rooms by either clicking on their profiles and clicking "Rooms" or by going to "Highscores" and clicking the "Rooms" section.


  • The user's room is the only place for pets like Boonies or Bonsters to hatch from their eggs on the PC version.
  • Rooms can only contain up to 10 pets.
  • Sometimes when you log on again, you might find some of the items in your rooms have shifted.
  • Items you have purchased can be placed in your room.
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