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Loveable Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2011
maroon skies

pixie11111 was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She was Level 21 (Lovable MovieStar).

About and History

Pixie originally joined MovieStarPlanet because her sister in real life, Absolzoey, played it. She made and published many movies because she loved to do so, although became annoyed when her movies don't receive views quickly. While she was active, she started her own team called "Team Awesome".

Usual Appearance

Pixie had aqua blue and hot pink "Alien Eyes" with blue eye shadow that she often wore "Thick Lashes" around, cherry blossom pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, accompanied by a tan complexion. She would wear whatever she owns when she felt like it. Her outfits were generally colorful.


  • She was compromised before.
  • She has been VIP many times.
  • She knows "maroon skies" in real life.
  • Unlike her sister, she loves books by the author Jacqueline Wilson.


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