Award Movie Star
Member Since: March, 2011
pinkki7 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet. (FI) She is level 56 (Award Movie Star).


Pinkki7 is best known for her YouTube channel, "pinkki7 MSP", her artbooks, and her friendship with "Slaying" and "RoseMary". She has earned her fame mainly from the autographs and greets that she gets every day from her fans. She has become known by her artbooks which she spends hours on decorating them. One of her recent artbooks named ".", has over 1,000 loves. Her artbooks from her "creating an artbook" series are the ones that have given her the most recognition. When she's online, she usually changes her status, changes her clothes, and checks her messages.

She doesn't create movies often. Her artbooks get around 200-300 loves and are always in the top pages.

Usual Appearance and Style

Pinkki has light green eyes, a slightly tan skin tone, freckles, black eyebrows, dark brown lips and brown hair. Her style is usually color coded, grunge or fantasy. She makes a new look atleast once a week.


  • She has two pairs of super rare hair that was available to get with a code that MSP gave to all the servers. Her close friend RoseMary also has one pair of the hair.
  • She has a boy account named "Mälle".
  • She posts mainly theme reviews on her channel.
  • When she joined a game called "Momio", she got a lot more recognition on her Youtube channel.
  • Usually, she is more active on other accounts than this one.
  • Her room has around 13,000 loves.
  • She has at least 10 pets. All of the pets in her room are new Boonies or Bonsters.
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