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The Piggy Bank is a feature on MovieStarPlanet.
For non-VIPs, the piggy bank collects VIP fame and StarCoin bonuses, however it cannot be opened until the player has VIP. Once the non VIP piggy bank reaches 5,000 fame and 2,500 StarCoins, it will stop collecting bonuses.

For VIP players, the piggy bank still collects their VIP fame bonuses and will also collect their daily diamonds and StarCoins (if their VIP tier has these). The VIP piggy bank has no limit; it will keep collecting bonuses until someone empties it. The VIP piggy bank is gold and it is the only one that collects diamonds.


  • The fame in the piggy bank is not affected by the fame booster perk.
  • The maximum amount of fame you can keep in the bank is 5,000 and the maximum amount of StarCoins is 2,500 (non-VIP).
  • There is no known limit for VIPs.
  • When your VIP ends, MSP will ask you to empty the bank.
  • when your piggy bank turns to vip, it will also become gold


  • Image when you break the bank (VIP)
  • The Piggy Bank (Non VIP)
  • Piggy Bank (VIP)
  • Non VIP Piggy Bank Screen
  • VIP Piggy Bank Screen
  • VIP Only Message
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