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Photos are a feature in Moviestarplanet that allows users to upload photos and have others like or comment on them.

You must be 13+ in order to upload a photo (only on servers with birthdays; on other servers, everyone can upload photos). The limit of photos you can upload per day is 3 for non VIPs and 9 or 10 (?) for VIPs. In order for a picture to be shared, it must not break any of the rules provided by MSP.


Photos are a feature for 13+ only; younger players cannot post photos, but can view, comment, and like photos. Photos can be made public or viewable to friends only. If the photos break the "Photo Sharing Rules", it won't be allowed to be posted. MovieStarPlanet has to accept your photo before it is allowed to be seen by other people. On mobile, users are able to take photos with their devices and have them directly uploaded onto the app via the "Use Camera" option.


Photo Sharing Rules

  1. Never share photos showing text or numbers.
  2. Before sharing photos of other people, ALWAYS ASK FOR THEIR PERMISSION.
  3. Bullying and being hurtful through sharing images is not tolerated.
  5. People in pictures should ALWAYS HAVE CLOTHES ON.


  • Photos were officially added on the US server on April 29th, 2015. It was added months before on the other servers.
  • Photos have yet to be a part of the leaderboard.
  • Photos were first added on the Moviestarplanet app in the summer of 2014, but taken down a few days later. However, some servers, at least the FI server, did not get rid of it.
  • The feature was originally mobile exclusive.
  • While transparent PNG-files can be uploaded, any transparency becomes black.
  • Despite the fact that photos showing text and numbers are not allowed, many photos contain them.
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