Pas4 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA) He’s is level 23 (Cool Movie Star). He is most known for his Movies on CA server of MSP.


Pas4 has been on moviestarplanet since 2014 but became inactive for two years. He then started making movies which gained recognition quickly which gains him a lot of attention. He also owns an account on the french server called stormingbattle,

He is a honest person who will always there for anyone when you need him.

Usual Appearance and Style

Pas4 has brown eyes, a pointy nose with a nose ring, "kissable" lips, and a tan light brown skin tone. He often changes his appearance for movies as well as, various colours of outfits to make every girl fall in love with him.


Pas4 gain popularity from making movies. In “ ice Capp or ice coffee” it showed his obsession with ice coffee. He then had MATHWHIRE's help to gain views which started his way into gaining fame and leveling up quickly.

He then continued making more movies like "James coming for your weave" where it expressed James doesn't have any sense of creativity which had lead to James downfall.

Pas4 then continued on with “Why guys are C0nFUsiNG” where it showed the struggle being a guy and the reflection through a girls perspective.

He once said; soul has no colour, no shape it goes beyond far what eyes can see. The effort people put out is so much more bigger than itself. Life leads us to a beautiful destination that full of imperfections and trying to figure out whole full spectrum of life. Life has a purpose to itself and don’t let anyone dim your light because it’s worth giving a try, if isn’t successful try it again.


  • His name is Pas.
  • He’s changed CA Server by putting his creativity into his movies on the CA high scores movie board. He showed what it take to express his personal struggles heavily influenced him to create funny movies.
  • He plays both CA and FR.
  • His favourite food is pizza.
  • He likes hip hop and rap.
  • His favourite songs are Brown Skin Girl and Hot Girl Bummer.
  • His biggest hater is hi112233445566778899000.
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