Paris Nova
Awesome movie star
Paris Nova
Member Since: June, 2019
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Paris Nova is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (USA). She is Level 53 (Awesome Movie Star)


Paris Nova originally joined MovieStarPlanet in 2015 under the same name but was banned. She was initially known for creating short movies on her old account ShortMoviez!!!!. After relocating to this account, the majority of her fame and recognition has come from her short movies, which all have over 4,000 views. She is now mostly known for leading her team "Material World" alongside her previous close friends, Dwiana and Yasmatron. Most of her time on MovieStarPlanet was spent with her team members and friends. Now Paris Nova holds many giveaways throughout the year as well as short movies.  In addition to short movies, Paris Nova makes movies series', such as "Partying in Paris" and "Lost", and artbooks to express her creativity, or host a giveaway.

Usual Appearance and Style

Paris Nova has a soft nose, glossy lipstick, and a dark skin tone. She occasionally wears eyeshadow to match an outfit. Paris's outfits are usually on the glamorous or sporty side and inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Nicki Minaj.


  • Paris Nova has earned 5 million starcoins within two months, holding the world record for fastest earning Movie Star.
  • Her team "Material World" has gained 2 thousand members in only two months.
  • Her real name is Parise despite her username being username being spelled 'Paris' Nova.
  • She is 14 years of age.
  • She believes in racial equality.


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