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Papa the dinosaur
Upvoted Movie Star
Papa the dinosaur
Member Since: December, 2012
Trish The Fish
hellomeme123 haha

Papa the dinosaur is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is currently level 42 (Upvoted Movie Star).


Papa the dinosaur is known for only wearing dinosaur suits, and having a close bond with Mybeau and her Mybeauers. He is known to the team by his jokes. He gained fame quickly because of his "dino" personality, along with having only dinosaur suits, which inspired many users to try and copy him. The majority of Papa's artbooks are either about the "Dino Family", or are candy re-creations made out of text. The rest of his artbooks are about bullying, copying, and ones with messages.


  • He has a YouTube channel that can be seen here, which has over 9,000 subscribers.
  • He was once hacked.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • His only regular clothes are his starter clothes.
  • He has recently been locked out of the game forever.
  • His real name is Cole Robinson , he's 15 years old, and he currently lives in California.
  • He previously had an account called "jj abrams", where he was a Porter.
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