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Majestic Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2011

Pandypolo was regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 93 (Majestic Movie Star) and is currently on the 2nd page of the UK server's highscores board. She has recently quit.


Pandypolo, also known as Polo, is mostly known for being best friends with Ishacool, whom she previously shared a blog with. She's earned most of her fame through her movies, which usually get to the first or second page of the top movies.
Her artbooks are usually about her friends, teams, or a new movie series. Most of her movies are a part of a series, but she previously made short movies. Her movies are usually about random situations, such as "Taco Zombies" and "Dude where is my car?", and these become very popular.

Usual Appearance and Style

Pandypolo has a tan skin tone, pink lips, a pointy nose, and blue eyes with white eye shadow. She usually wears blonde hair and bright colors. Her style is a mixture of girly and tomboy. Her outfits are normally outgoing and random and rarely match the current weekly theme. She also twins with her friends occasionally. Her looks usually get 100-200+ loves.


  • She uses IMVU.
  • She was friends with DiaVanille and "ShawRe" before they both quit over a year ago.
  • She has over 550,000 views on her profile.
  • She used to only make series for movies but now makes short movies to help her friends level.
  • She's obsessed with cats and has one called Monty.
  • Her YouTube channel can be found here.
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