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Recommended Movie Star
Member Since: August 2015
Trixe Mattel
cookiecat 500

nightcoreElsa is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). They are level 28 (Recommended Movie Star)


nightcoreElsa, is a moviestar on the UK server, best known for forums. Before her cousin gave her the account as seen today she had quite a few other accounts one of them being 'tinyboxtimlovescookies' which was a shared account with friend 'cookiecat 500'. She became inactive on nightcoreElsa during the summer of 2016 due to a broken laptop, the account would later go untouched until around Christmas of that same year. She levels up by saving her piggybank for months at a time. She spends most of her time commenting on photos and browsing the forums.

Usual appearance and style

NightcoreElsa has a tan complexion, dark brown eyes, dark red lips and black eyeshadow. She usually wears dresses, heels and various accessories. She normally only wears one hair colour, black. Her appearance has had numerous changes since she joined.


  • The account was given to them by their cousin.
  • She first got VIP the day before Halloween of 2015.
  • She encouraged her two friends 'cookiecat 500' and 'Applecat/dog' to start playing MovieStarPlanet
  • She has 2 shared accounts with 'cookiecat 500' they are called 'tinyboxtimlovescookies' and 'xXNightcoreKittyXx' they are both inactive
  • The first VIP she got was Star VIP for 1 month
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