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Party Movie Star
Member Since: October, 2017

<Neon> is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (NZ). He is level 31 (Party Movie Star).


Neon is well known to the public eye on New Zealand MSP, because he is friends with many active players. Neon was originally an American user that went by the name “mario-christian”. He was later banned for bad language at level 26 on the game back in February, 2016 as his user was made back in October of 2011. He has played on many servers and accounts; he struggled to keep a main account because he will frequently get bored of the account. Neon is a boy that goes by the name Christian. Neon has a movie series, "The 24th Victim," but also makes shortmovies that are known to be clickbait that normally get around 100 views each. He also makes artbooks that range from 60-200 loves. He gained a lot of fame from awards, movies and autographs from supporters and friends leaving him on the 9th page of New Zealand highscores.

Usual Appearance and Style

Neon has blue eyes, peach lips, a white skintone, and black eye shadow. His looks usually have a color scheme in it.


  • He has been with MovieStarPlanet since August 2011 on his first account, "loveyum" on the American server. (Which still exists)
  • He has an ArtBook explaining facts about him that tell us that he is a boy.
  • His name is Christian.
  • He enjoys Panic! At The Disco, fun. and Twenty One Pilots.
  • His birthday is March 23 and he is 14.
  • He and his sister are born on the same day but are both two years apart. (He is older than her)
  • He's went from level 22 to level 30 in one month (9 million fame)
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