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Lifetime Movie Star
Member Since: April 2012
Lori 2222

Mybeau is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star), and is 1st on the US high scores board, after passing the user Pumpchkin.

About & History

Mybeau, also known by her real name Angela, is originally known for making long-lasting movie series, some having more than 400 episodes. Mybeau's movies are usually about love, heartbreak, social commentary, and family matters. Currently, her trend is to create comical shorts. She creates about 3 movies a week.

Mybeau became popular due to her movies. People who watched them became her supporters and she soon began to make the top movies list with their help. Eventually, her support team-branded themselves "Mybeauers", or "Beauers", and she began her journey to fame. Her earnings soon got her second on the first page.

At one point, Mybeau passed the current top spot holder, Pumpchkin, and achieved the top spot on the high score's. This caused fights to break out all over both the walls of Porters and Beauers. The hate died down when Pumpchkin regained the top spot.
In some of her artbooks, Mybeau includes a short saying about haters in general, but many can gather that these are directed toward the many Porters who dislike her. She and Pump had both made movies telling the public about the hate; Mybeau's was called "An Open Letter To Pump". Recently the animosity between the two is gone. Angela has since regained the lead, and Pumpchkin has become inactive.

Angela takes breaks often and once quit on May 15th, 2015, but she has since returned. Angela plays often and tries to stay out of the drama and encourages others not to participate in hate.

Highscores US

Mybeau in the number one spot.

Usual Appearance and Style

Angela has light blue 'Pretty Perfect' eyes, a regular nose, light pink 'Cherry Gloss' lips, and fair skin. She usually wears black and white clothing and accessories. Her hairstyles are also mostly black and blonde most probably due to her liking towards those colors. Her looks all have a color scheme and many accessories; each getting lots of likes.


  • Her real name is Angela.
  • She was the first moviestar in all of MovieStarPlanet to reach 1 billion fame.
  • She is Asian.
  • Her account originally belonged to her older sister, but she took it over at some point in 2012.
  • She has two confirmed backup accounts: "ArchangelaG" and "Angela123321".
  • Her middle name begins with the letter G.
  • At one point, all three of her accounts were on the first page.
  • She has a Wattpad account, but it hasn't been active since 2016.
  • She used to be active on Australian MSP with Packers. Her username is OutBackAngela.


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