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Loveable Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2013
Isolated Oliver

msp1234msp is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 21 (Loveable Movie Star). She is inactive due to the fact that her account got compromised.


Msp1234msp, also known as Nicki, is best known for two of her artbooks, "Fill in My iPhone!" and "I'm Leaving", making it to the top. When online, she made movies, artbooks, and looks, and talked to her friends.
Her artbooks are about boyfriends, BFFs, fun events, and holidays. She made a variety of movie series, most of which were left unfinished, and her most popular one is "Girl With Pigtails".

Usual Appearance and Style

Msp1234msp has blue eyes, a freckled nose, fair skin, and light pink "Perfect Pout" lips. She wears a variety of different styles. She is usually seen wearing brown, blonde, or black hairstyles. She likes to wear cheerful colors or base the colors she wears on her current emotions. She sometimes buys looks from Pumpchkin and Mybeau.


  • Her real name is Nicki.
  • She used to have a team called "Nicki's Candies" but ended it because of hate.
  • She used to be a Porter and a Jewel but is now a mybeauer, supporting Packers212121 and mybeau.
  • She was account scammed twice, once by an unknown user.
  • Her previous account was compromised and deleted.
  • She has a Twitter account, which can be found here.
  • She enjoys editing and reading the wiki article about her moviestar.
  • Her best friend "jenn2121" once bought her a week's worth of VIP.
  • She has a YouTube channel which can be seen here.
  • Her design studio item "Batman Pant's PJ" was once in the top of the design studio.
  • Her Instagram can be found here
  • She is currently compromised.
  • Her extra account is "NickiTells", and her back up for "NickiTells" is "iNatural".
  • She was friends with Mybeau and a "Mybeauer" (supporter of Mybeau). She was also a "Jewel" (supporter of ItzJerz), a supporter of 100%Random, and a supporter of "Kentar101".
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