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Movies are a creative feature in MovieStarPlanet on all servers that allows players to create movies with the use of speech bubbles, backgrounds, items, music, animations, and users. Creating and/or watching movies rewards the player with various amounts of fame and starcoins depending on the rating and the number of views.

Making Movies

  • A maximum of six users (non-VIP) or eight users (VIP) can be used per movie.
  • Each scene must be between ten seconds and one minute.
  • Each scene has a background and music.
  • If the same music plays in more than one scene, it does not reset.
  • Moviestars can only wear one outfit per movie.
  • There is a limit to the number of pets that can be in a movie.


  • For each moviestar added to a movie, the player will earn 8 Fame and 1 StarCoin.
  • Movies have been part of MovieStarPlanet since the launch of the game.
  • Besides other users, there are sample characters in a category called "extras" with premade characters that can be put in your movie.
  • Before Pixi Star and Zac Sky were added, there were extras named Samantha and Sam.
  • If you made a movie before Pixi Star and Zac Sky were added, you will see them as "Samantha" and "Sam" but they will still be wearing their original outfit.
  • Before an update in 2012, it was impossible to edit movies after they were published.
  • You can e-mail movies to a friend. If you click on the link, the movie will not load since its an outdated feature which was never updated.
  • A lot of the MovieStarPlanet players do not like to watch any movies, on MovieStarPlanet.
  • On the mobile version, movies do not have any music.

Glitches & Errors

  • Movies can't be watched if the creator of the movie isn't in them. (Patched)
  • Moviestars get speech bubbles that say the same thing as a previous speech bubble. It is triggered by editing said previous speech bubble. It is unaware why this glitch exists. (Patched in some servers)
  • Players can take the movie actor out of the scene and place it on their character. (Patched)
  • Players can edit unpublished movies made by others if the creator of the movie commented on it. (Patched)
  • Players can add any user (who hasn't blocked them) to their movies by minimizing the message window. (Patched)
  • Players can make any moviestar use another's animations. (Unpatched)
  • The Comments at Movies just show "Username" and "Date". (Patched)
  • Sometimes, you only see a black screen. (Unpatched)
  • On translated versions of MovieStarPlanet (on the mobile version), the intro saying "(movie star) presents" uses the translation for the plural form of present (as in the word that is similar to gift). (Unpatched)
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